I don’t think I’ve ever put any real thought into what I write
It’s more just fluid expression put to rhyme
I don’t ever mean to be clever with it, just say what’s inside
Or what I’m thinking at that particular time

I don’t try to challenge the mind to grasp my meaning
I try to keep it simple, that bit’s actually meant
I find it so much more effective if people find accessible
My leanings, bias or angry incitement to vent

I don’t really do ‘deep’ unless it’s emotional introspection
I don’t understand anything else well enough for that
So if it sounds like I’m trying to say something meaningful
You can bet your last penny that I’m feeling pretty flat

So I reckon I’ll just keep on chiming, clockwork-style regular verse
Keep on telling my bits of my story in my own inimitable way
Just try to make it entertain, read with some shape and some flow
The simplicity hopefully getting across, what I am trying to say

Billy  29/08/2014


Through a glass


When was the last time you were bladdered?
Can you even remember at all?
I’m not talking tipsy, or wobbly
I mean the last time you spoke to the wall
The last time you woke in the morning
Not having the faintest of clues
About where you spent half of the evening
And why your throat tastes like shampoo
One of those nights from the haze
Memories rising up through the fog
Of nights spent in sparkling company
Then waking up cuddling the bog
I remember those times pretty vaguely
That’s why drinking is long in my past
Who needs drink to survive? life’s a doddle
Who am I kidding, just pass me that glass

Billy 2014

Just F………… !!


You ask me how I’m feeling, as if I’m gonna say
As if I can just open up and for these thoughts atone
So please don’t be offended, if I seem to blow a fuse
And turn to you with anger’s face, just fuck off and leave me alone!!

And then you’re feeling slighted, and again I’ve bred despair
I feel the pain I’ve caused you and it cuts me to the bone
My expression was actually measured, me putting up my wall
To shield you from the worst of me, so fuck off and leave me alone!!

The anger I seem to nurture, the inner heat I feel
Keeping heart in molten flow, which if cooled would turn to stone
The spark ignites, keeps flame alive, in anger lives my hope
But angry fire consumes and burns, fuck off and leave me alone!!

There’s not much point me explaining, you’ll never really see
How can you know what a feeling can mean? Unless that feeling’s your own
So look at yourself, with your feet in my shoes, let empathy be your guide
Then after you’ve seen why I feel like I do, you might fuck off and leave me alone!!

Billy 13/08/2014

Just listen, don’t talk


There’s been a lot of talk this last couple of days
Depression is being openly discussed
People are opening up about their depths
Trying to build faith and allow hope to trust

The world and his sister in a bid to understand
Watching close and asking questions, in their bid to lend a hand
Daring to explore those places we avoid
Unaware if our defences to those shadows be destroyed

Although I do appreciate, the efforts being made
I worry that they’re tempered, can you really lift this curse?
I know I can’t go on like this, my demons need release
but sometimes opening up too much, will only make things worse

A friend won’t only listen, they’ll want to help as well
They just don’t get the impact that this help can really make
Good intent, however noble will not ease tormented thoughts
And sometimes help from friends can be difficult to take

This is why we hide ourselves away and lock the door
The heart inside is hidden behind layers of rough bark
I’m trying to protect you from the place you seek to find
You shouldn’t touch the shadows if you can’t see in the dark

Billy 13/08/2014

Nanu nanu Mork



There aren’t many who can make me laugh like you did
The way you were in interviews on telly acting almost rabid
Pumped and full of fun, shining out to all around
Whilst suffering so much inside but you never made a sound
You just appeared on screen in a multi-coloured Bang!!
Blew us all away with your mad comedic thang
Showed us how the manic entertainer does it right
And all the while you kept within, your own internal fight
Your films and shows will make me laugh for years to come
The news of your passing so sadly just leaves us numb
Time to climb back into your egg and head on back to Ork
Thank you for your gift of laughter… Nanu nanu Mork

Billy 12/08/2014 😦

Living the Blues

What are you thinking?
Is there any chance I can get inside that head?
Understanding you, might help me beat this dread
I’ve been down this road before, and suffered where it led

Just some reassurance
You’d think that’s all I’d need to ease my mind
But I can feel the insecurity start to grind
Afraid to look too deep, afraid of what I’ll find

This isn’t you, it’s me
I’m a self-fulfilling prophecy, you should hear my inner scream
Not destined to be happy, never gonna reach that dream
In my own world being dragged down by chronic self esteem

It’s a game that I can’t play
I’m gonna have to face the fact that I cannot break this trend
The pain runs deep, the harm is done, it’s never gonna end
My heart must run it’s course alone and never feel that blend

I hope this all makes sense
I hope you understand this life is not a life I choose
We may walk the same paths in life, but it’s different in my shoes
So while you can still sing love songs, I’ll just sing the blues

Billy 9/8/2014

A Mind so Free


I wanna be eleven again, being nuts is fine
The thought processes going on are bugger all like mine
“Who’d win in a fight between Batman and an Elf?”
“Why cant I grab my own collar and be able to lift myself?”
“If I ride my bike fast, can I leave my shadow behind?”
“No way am I cleaning under my bed, who knows what I’d find”
“Of course I had a wash, no I don’t know why the soap’s still dry”
“After you’ve pulled it’s wings off, what do you call a fly?”
“Could a Policeman arrest a pigeon, for poo-ing in the street?”
“He could use paperclips as handcuffs, to put on it’s little feet”
“When i grow up I want to go and live up on the moon”
“Has anyone seen my walkie-talkies? My mate’s got a helium balloon”
“I love it when school’s shut, I can have loads of fun”
“It’s not my fault I got you up early, I don’t wanna miss the sun”
“I know I just got it yesterday, but now it’s totally wrecked”
Well I suppose that’s what eleven is all about, so what do I really expect?

Billy 8/8/2014