Wonderland Lost


I’m the emotional equivalent of a fucking A to Z
Don’t matter what I say ’cause once I’ve said it it’s been said
As long as you’re aware I won’t be silent ’til I’m dead
If you disagree that’s fine with me, just shut me out your head

But that’s summat else, no more excusing myself for feeling
If you don’t get me, the flaw is yours, so just crack on with dealing
I’m speaking out for me and mine, not to appear appealing
So pay attention, you never know, it could be quite revealing

I’m not the kind of man who’s gonna take the shit I did
No longer going to hide, I’m speaking out, no longer hid
Either listen or you don’t, I’ll say my piece, I’ll make my bid
I’m building a world on those I need, the rest I’m getting rid

Pulling up the drawbridge, this is where I make my stand
If you’re on this journey with me just make sure you’re close at hand
I will be there, right by your side, if your needs so demand
I’m facing up to real life now, there is no Wonderland

Billy 11/07/2014 😀 


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