the Nice Guy


You’re just not getting me
I wish you’d start to listen
You’re falling for it again
Dipped in glitter, even shit will glisten
When will you see?
It’s not about the money or the cars
It’s about finding that one person
Who won’t promise you the stars
I’ll have to sit and watch
As you head down that road again
I’ll be the one who picks you back up
The only one who will remain
I will wipe the tears for you
Tell you that your not the one in the wrong
Listen to your fears, hopes, dreams
As your heart breaks to an old song
The thing is that you just don’t see me
I’m just there as always it seems
A sympathetic ear, listening out
Hearing your silent screams
A shoulder to lean on when times get too tough
Someone you know will be there
But have you ever stopped to wonder?
Why I’m the only one ever to care?
Why is it I’m always so happy?
To see you look cheerful and bright
Why is it I want you to smile?
And push back the dark of the night
Well next time your heart feels it’s broken
And I’m wiping that tear from your eye
You may just hear a sound, that gives me away
As my heart heaves an audible sigh

Billy 09/07/2014 😀


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