7/7 my tribute


They climbed out of bed, brushed their teeth, combed their hair
Left home for work, with no time to spare

Head for the tube, the city is calling
Gotta earn some cash, pay the bills, keep on toiling

Or maybe a trip into town a few stops
A bit of retail therapy, hitting the West End shops

Well whatever their reasons, they were all there
Taking their seats and paying their fare

They weren’t to know that they’d made their last friend
They had no idea that their World was to end

Innocent to the last, with no warnings given
Those poor lost souls, lost on 7/7

We can never condone what happened that day
We must never forget those taken away

They may use rhetoric all twisted with hate
But we’ll rise above it, we’ll keep Britain Great!!!

Victims of a war, they had never declared
In confusion and smoke, full of dread, feeling scared

All those children of mothers, taken too soon
Never again to smile at the moon

We will not forget them, they should still be here
Killed for religion and just to spread fear

Victims of puppet-masters with vendettas to sate
We can only hope one day they face the same fate

RIP to the victims

Billy 07/07/2014 


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