Try to keep up


Well then, let’s go, it’s time to step up
Gotta re-find my focus
Time to move on with my life
Leave the shit to be shared by the locusts
Got new things going on
New directions to fly, re-found reasons to try
I’ve a space that I’ve earned, and I’m taking it up
I’ve a mark to apply
You will find about me, as these changes occur
That there’s strength that was hidden
As you see me emerge
You will see that I’ve learned, from the past that I’ve ridden
I wont stand for the ties that used to bind me before
I’ve discovered assertion
I’m still me, but evolving
In flux as we speak, and I’m sculpting my version
I’ve been stood still too long, I was caught in a fog
My world needed shaking
My choices are mine
And I’ve chosen my path, It’s MY road that I’m taking!!!

Billy 06/07/2014 


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