A Vulnerable Heart


Why do I fear the thought of a vulnerable heart?
Is it just defensive posture based on pain that’s gone before?
Nothing is ever the same, even I have changed over time
So why do I still find myself staring at the same spot on the floor?

I’m missing out on viewing the sights around me
All it would take is for me to lift my eyes and look ahead
I know where I’ve been, I was there, remember? 
So rumination now is only going to slow me down instead

I’m actually quite a nice fella, I care and I aim to please
I know the person inside me is someone worth getting to know
You’d think that would be half of the battle right there
Yet here I am still as before, as always, just sat here feeling low

So it seems the die is cast, and fate has dealt it’s blow
I may as well just face the truth and swallow up my pride
My shields are up, my fort walls strong, no-one’s getting close
I daren’t risk the pain again, so I’ll take my heart and hide

Billy 06/07/2014


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