A Venomous Smile


I wanna be sharp with lacerating tongue
To the point of being clinical

I wanna dish out verbal barbs like darts
Give people a lesson in cynical

I wanna make you laugh at your own dismay
In ways that are quite unthinkable

I wanna bury your ego and tear you to bits
With stuff that’s completely unprintable

I wanna use humour to temper the mood
In ways that are mildly offensive

I wanna use lines that will loosen the clench
Of the worst case of anal retentive

I just wanna prove that there’s always a joke
And that I can still be quite inventive

I just wanna tell you that your not the fault
This is my way of getting defensive

I wanna be certain you bear this in mind
The next time I aim one right at you

I wanna just say that it’s not meant to hurt
As with rapier wit you are run through

I wanna keep hope that a smile conquers all
Even though it may seem that I fake it

I want you to know, this reflects well on you
As it means that I thought you could take it

Billy 06/07/2014 



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