Wonderland Lost


I’m the emotional equivalent of a fucking A to Z
Don’t matter what I say ’cause once I’ve said it it’s been said
As long as you’re aware I won’t be silent ’til I’m dead
If you disagree that’s fine with me, just shut me out your head

But that’s summat else, no more excusing myself for feeling
If you don’t get me, the flaw is yours, so just crack on with dealing
I’m speaking out for me and mine, not to appear appealing
So pay attention, you never know, it could be quite revealing

I’m not the kind of man who’s gonna take the shit I did
No longer going to hide, I’m speaking out, no longer hid
Either listen or you don’t, I’ll say my piece, I’ll make my bid
I’m building a world on those I need, the rest I’m getting rid

Pulling up the drawbridge, this is where I make my stand
If you’re on this journey with me just make sure you’re close at hand
I will be there, right by your side, if your needs so demand
I’m facing up to real life now, there is no Wonderland

Billy 11/07/2014 😀 


the Nice Guy


You’re just not getting me
I wish you’d start to listen
You’re falling for it again
Dipped in glitter, even shit will glisten
When will you see?
It’s not about the money or the cars
It’s about finding that one person
Who won’t promise you the stars
I’ll have to sit and watch
As you head down that road again
I’ll be the one who picks you back up
The only one who will remain
I will wipe the tears for you
Tell you that your not the one in the wrong
Listen to your fears, hopes, dreams
As your heart breaks to an old song
The thing is that you just don’t see me
I’m just there as always it seems
A sympathetic ear, listening out
Hearing your silent screams
A shoulder to lean on when times get too tough
Someone you know will be there
But have you ever stopped to wonder?
Why I’m the only one ever to care?
Why is it I’m always so happy?
To see you look cheerful and bright
Why is it I want you to smile?
And push back the dark of the night
Well next time your heart feels it’s broken
And I’m wiping that tear from your eye
You may just hear a sound, that gives me away
As my heart heaves an audible sigh

Billy 09/07/2014 😀

7/7 my tribute


They climbed out of bed, brushed their teeth, combed their hair
Left home for work, with no time to spare

Head for the tube, the city is calling
Gotta earn some cash, pay the bills, keep on toiling

Or maybe a trip into town a few stops
A bit of retail therapy, hitting the West End shops

Well whatever their reasons, they were all there
Taking their seats and paying their fare

They weren’t to know that they’d made their last friend
They had no idea that their World was to end

Innocent to the last, with no warnings given
Those poor lost souls, lost on 7/7

We can never condone what happened that day
We must never forget those taken away

They may use rhetoric all twisted with hate
But we’ll rise above it, we’ll keep Britain Great!!!

Victims of a war, they had never declared
In confusion and smoke, full of dread, feeling scared

All those children of mothers, taken too soon
Never again to smile at the moon

We will not forget them, they should still be here
Killed for religion and just to spread fear

Victims of puppet-masters with vendettas to sate
We can only hope one day they face the same fate

RIP to the victims

Billy 07/07/2014 

Try to keep up


Well then, let’s go, it’s time to step up
Gotta re-find my focus
Time to move on with my life
Leave the shit to be shared by the locusts
Got new things going on
New directions to fly, re-found reasons to try
I’ve a space that I’ve earned, and I’m taking it up
I’ve a mark to apply
You will find about me, as these changes occur
That there’s strength that was hidden
As you see me emerge
You will see that I’ve learned, from the past that I’ve ridden
I wont stand for the ties that used to bind me before
I’ve discovered assertion
I’m still me, but evolving
In flux as we speak, and I’m sculpting my version
I’ve been stood still too long, I was caught in a fog
My world needed shaking
My choices are mine
And I’ve chosen my path, It’s MY road that I’m taking!!!

Billy 06/07/2014 

A Vulnerable Heart


Why do I fear the thought of a vulnerable heart?
Is it just defensive posture based on pain that’s gone before?
Nothing is ever the same, even I have changed over time
So why do I still find myself staring at the same spot on the floor?

I’m missing out on viewing the sights around me
All it would take is for me to lift my eyes and look ahead
I know where I’ve been, I was there, remember? 
So rumination now is only going to slow me down instead

I’m actually quite a nice fella, I care and I aim to please
I know the person inside me is someone worth getting to know
You’d think that would be half of the battle right there
Yet here I am still as before, as always, just sat here feeling low

So it seems the die is cast, and fate has dealt it’s blow
I may as well just face the truth and swallow up my pride
My shields are up, my fort walls strong, no-one’s getting close
I daren’t risk the pain again, so I’ll take my heart and hide

Billy 06/07/2014

A Venomous Smile


I wanna be sharp with lacerating tongue
To the point of being clinical

I wanna dish out verbal barbs like darts
Give people a lesson in cynical

I wanna make you laugh at your own dismay
In ways that are quite unthinkable

I wanna bury your ego and tear you to bits
With stuff that’s completely unprintable

I wanna use humour to temper the mood
In ways that are mildly offensive

I wanna use lines that will loosen the clench
Of the worst case of anal retentive

I just wanna prove that there’s always a joke
And that I can still be quite inventive

I just wanna tell you that your not the fault
This is my way of getting defensive

I wanna be certain you bear this in mind
The next time I aim one right at you

I wanna just say that it’s not meant to hurt
As with rapier wit you are run through

I wanna keep hope that a smile conquers all
Even though it may seem that I fake it

I want you to know, this reflects well on you
As it means that I thought you could take it

Billy 06/07/2014