An Independent Me


I don’t need to be happy to be me, I am just me
I don’t need to examine my every move, I can just be
I don’t need others views to guide me, I can see
I don’t need your input or leading, I am free

I can see my way, I know where I can go
I can be whoever I am, and just follow my own flow
I can take things the way I choose, It’s my choice I know
I can move on and leave this shit, I know I can grow

Nothing anyone can say to me, can change this stance
Nothing you can do, can change the steps of this dance
Nothing else gets in here, to hinder or enhance
Nothing matters anyway, it’s not a mood but a trance

Just stick around and show me, that alone’s not the only way
Just be the one to prove, that not every waking moment must be grey
Just have a moment and notice, just what I am trying to say
Just try to be thoughtful and mindful, I can brighten my own fuckin’ day

Billy 1/3/14


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