My Tribute



They climbed out of their boats,
With bayonets fixed
Screaming their charge
Into war and affray
They just kept on moving,
An inexorable tide
It would later be called
“The Longest Day”

They tramped up the beaches, 
Into stormy hail
Bullets, shrapnel and smoke,
A burning lethal mist
Taking many lives of boys,
Standing proud as men
Months from being children,
Straight from classroom to enlist

The sacrifices made by some 
So others may prevail
Efforts of a Nation 
Pushed too far by evil’s hand
The price we paid for freedom
Are the ones who don’t come back
Someone’s son or father,
Left there in the sand

This is why we do this,
To remember those who passed
A tribute to our heroes
Those who fought with gun and knife
We owe these guys our future
They gave their’s for us
So let’s make sure we all stand up
And thank them for your life.

Billy 5/6/14


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