I’m not a bad person, well not that I know of
I try to be nice to the people I touch
I like a bit of humour and telling a joke
But some of those round me just find it too much

It really doesn’t matter, the good we intend
People will only remember some parts
They only remember the parts in their lives
When something you did touched them right to their hearts

People are fickle, shallow and brittle
And only ever want you building them up
They’re not so behind you when reality bites
They only want to drink from the positive cup

When things fall around you and light turns to dark
Let’s see who’s around to offer a hand
Let’s see if those people we touched as we passed
Lift us back to our feet and help us to stand

I’m hoping the people I know in my life
Will ignore that we have our particular quirks
And will show that what matters is everyone counts
So let’s show the world that society works

Billy 29/11/13



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