Political Impotence … (Contains bad language)

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Look away if you’re easily offended or of gentle disposition
It’s about time I opened up and went on a bit of a mission
Time to make people realise how gladly they’re being led
To perpetuate this system, whilst willingly being bled

Already shafted by the time you eventually sit up and pay attention
And see how you’ve been duped by their mirrors and deflection
When will you realise that the News is not your friend?
It’s just another medium they use to achieve their own needs-driven ends.

They spit out some facts, padded out with their lies
So there’s always some small truths to dazzle your eyes
They whip up bad feeling, say they’re patriotic to the core
When to them it don’t mean shit.. They’re just counting up the score

Distracted by the Media, “Oooh immigration’s drowning us”
When the real issues fucking things up are those tossers driving this bus
We need to look deeper. question what’s being said
Cut through the shit enough to think with a clear head

We need to start to question all, don’t just be a sheep
Don’t let these wankers bend you over and fuck you while you sleep
It’s about time we woke up and accepted some blame and some shame
By voting at all we’re complicit as well, as we’re guilty of playing their game.

Billy 1/5/14



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