A Mellow Lash

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I love that I’m changing as the years pass on by
I’d expected to still be the same bloke.. But why?
It’s natural that I should change in my core
Why should I remain as the prat from before? 

It seems that I’m now quite a tolerant fellow
Age and experience have taught me to mellow
Only rising to bite when I feel in the mood
Or to bring down a numpty for the greater good

It wasn’t so long since, when I was a ranter
Always looking to make a point, not understanding banter
A gobshite on legs, with no concept of wit
Just there for the conflict I’ll freely admit

But as I was saying, I’ve come to this stage
Where I’d rather make jokes and in humour engage
I can still bring you down if you do cross my path
So although stung with satire, you’ll still feel my wrath

Billy 28/11/13



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