The Comedian’s Heart

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I’d like to take a moment folks, just listen up a sec
I won’t keep you long from the telly or whatever
I just want to apologise, and let you know I know
How much of an arse I’ve been, when I was trying to be clever

You know I don’t mean it, It’s just the way I am
There’s no point trying to change, that wouldn’t be me
So for those still around, I’m holding up my hands
Acknowledging this numpty is the bloke I’m meant to be

Although I’m saying that I have wronged, by being me at times
I only hope you notice though, this is a 2 way street
The same mental energy that I burn in being Billy
Is the energy I use to care, I can also be quite sweet

So anyway when you think of me and remember be being daft
Acting stupid, playing tricks and generally being a cock-end
Just remember there’s also times when it isn’t all so bad
I’ve known other people who reckon, how I am can be a godsend

We can never please everyone. We should never even try
Every different person sees the world in different hue
It’s all about perception, our views, our mood, our heart
I hope you know the fact you judge me, tells me far more about you

Just give this some thought when you’re out and about
Looking at others and allowing difference to invoke disdain
Because basically we don’t know how that person feels inside
That judgement of yours, may cause them to feel the same

Billy 11/3/14



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