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Wish I knew why I was feeling so low
Wish I could make these feelings go
Wish I knew how to regain my grit
Wish I was able to not feel so shit
Wish I could feel like i even count
Wish I knew how to climb this mount
Wish I could make myself understood
Wish it would matter even if I could
Well anyway welcome inside my mind
Is this the Billy you expected to find???
Well guess what folks, this is me
The real me you thought you’d never see
Get used to this sight, I am here to stay
It’s time I put my mask away
I’m done with trying to be everyone’s friend
Those days are now gone, they’ve come to an end
Nice guys finish last..That much is a fact
No more pleasing others with empathy and tact
It’s time to be selfish and fend for myself
Because living for others is bad for my health
Anyway, that’s it, I have just bared my soul
Now I am off to climb back in my hole. 

Billy 11/10/13

This was my first attempt at a poem last year after many years of not writing a word… Be gentle 🙂


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