Who is me?


Do you remember me? The guy who always smiled
It’s seems to be forever ago
Do you remember how I was bulletproof?
And always had to be star of the show
Do you remember the jokes and the laughter?
All focused on healing the world
Do you remember that life seemed to suit me?
And then BANG!! ….. The whole thing unfurled
Do you remember when I would have helped you?
In the way that you would for a friend
Do you remember the good vibe I tried for?
That I’m no longer able to send
Do you remember the guy who had substance?
Who’s now just a ghost in a shell
Do you remember how easy this fall came?
I do… And still feel it as well 
Do you remember when life was much simpler?
These memories are all that remain
Do you remember the guy I described here?
How do I become him again?

Billy 16/1/14


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