The sum of the parts….

Feet to rent, slightly soiled, 
Before you wear them I’d have them boiled
Legs for hire, Not in bad nick
Stamina loaded, just not that quick
Hips free to borrow, to view is a must  
Still quite capable of some pelvic thrust
You can have the belly, free of hassle
It would probably double as a bouncy castle
A couple of arms, deceptively long
Good for reaching, just not that strong
These shoulders are broad, They will take the strain
For those needing help and support through the pain
A mind that’s still sharp if you want to invest
It’s hardly been used so is up to the test
The eyes might need work though if they’re what you want
They work but need help with the smaller type font
The ears are just typical, not really defective
Just being a bloke deafness can be selective
There’s only one thing I won’t sell from this cart
I won’t sell what’s broken, so you can’t have this heart

Billy 4/1/14


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