the Curse of the Sensitive Soul


Why can’t I just break away, just break away and leave it behind
Walk the road that’s left to me instead of standing still
Just pick it up and walk straight on instead of living, longing
Play the cards that I’ve been dealt, against my wish and will

Why’s it so hard to just face facts, and live the life I’m living
Instead of having to have the things that aren’t to be mine
I’m worth my life, and worth my time, I just need to accept that
I am the only hurdle, stopping me being able to shine

Leaving behind the moulds of our past, is just the way it has to be
Some we get to keep, but others must be shed along the way
Although we must accept that time makes strangers of old friends
There are those we’d gladly resurrect that we wish were here today

Forward isn’t easy at best, It’s worse when your heart is on pause
The energies needed, no longer to hand, those needed for reaching our goal
Focussed on past, on the sadness behind, on words that were left unsaid
But that is the penance for daring to feel, the curse of the sensitive soul 

Billy 8/3/14



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