Step Up and Step On


I suppose I should think about cracking on
I’ve been sat still now for a bit too long
Allowing the past a free hand in my head
But not allowing myself to belong

Segregation from such as I should hold embraced
An unwarranted need to repent
Like a vampiric drain on on my spiritual force
Feeling all of my energies spent

But seeing the sun, on a beautiful morn
Charging your heart on it’s beams
The leaves on the trees hiding birdsong within
It’s an image borne straight from our dreams

Such moments are pills that we take for the soul
Tapping into subliminal charms
Reminders of brightness to follow the gloom
Inspiration from Nature’s sweet arms

Allowing ourselves to be open to change 
And a spiritual need to release
Is the life that we seek for those people we love
A life of fulfillment and peace

Billy 30/3/14


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