Looking in from the outside, things seem like they should,
but looking from my side, you’ve misunderstood
I’m smiling and playful, it all looks like fun
But under the surface, it feels there’s no sun

A positive outlook is something for others,
To pass on, spread round, to children from mothers
It’s all just an image, a plastic facade
Non-existent in private, In here colours fade

It used to be easy, to smile and move on
To leave crap behind when the moment had gone
but now I just find as I move through the day
That the crap seems to gather, it just wont go away

I’m finding it tiring to maintain the stance
Of a man unaffected, who can smile and still dance
It just makes me weary trying to carry that light
When all I am feeling is that I’ve lost that fight.

Billy 15/10/13


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