Rapid Descent


You know as you’re curling up into the shell
It’s the first tell tale sign that things may not be well
Decisions to put off deciding your course
Walking into the teeth of that tangible force

Self destruction through thoughts of a felt non-belonging
A self fulfilling prophecy of a negative mooring
The view that you seek fading far out of reach
As the loss of direction continues to leech

Strength is a memory now as weakness is all 
The door to the world an impenetrable wall
The comfort imagined from locking within
A futile defence with your shields wearing thin

Just knowing as you fall, even gravity chooses sides
Grasping at the sides for a way to slow the slide
Screaming as you fall, but not seeming to make a sound
Just wishing that somehow you’ll land with feet on level ground. 

Billy 25/2/14


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