Next Time


I’m feeling cold on the inside,
Where I used to house my pride
I’ve lost the tune from my song, 
Don’t know how I managed to go so wrong
How can I stop next time from being the same?
Instead of just acceptance of blame
How do I temper the unintentional clown?
Is he the one holding me down?
Over-analysis, cursed by reflection
Looking for something, a new direction
Trying to hide behind memory’s gate
Pausing from life, while I ruminate
Struggle to focus, follow one train of thought
Losing the thread, never finding what I’ve sought
Failed introspection, binding now, to far behind
Knowing what’s there, but still afraid of what I’ll find
It’s hard to accept what we can never know
How things will turn out, which way we will flow
I can only hope, dream that day will follow this night
Then maybe, just maybe, next time I’ll get it right

Billy 28/3/14




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