I wish


I wish I could feel the pain, I know I should be feeling
I wish I could cover the wound, So I can do some healing
I wish it would knock me down or at least just send me reeling
I wish I wasn’t just numb, But it seems I’m just not dealing

I wish I knew the way, to turn around this mess
I wish I had the answers, but tomorrow’s just a guess
I wish I had some focus, but continue to digress
I wish I could call it Karma, for some sins I could confess

I wish it was much easier, To stem emotions flow
I wish it hadn’t come to this, I let this anguish grow
I wish I could accept some blame, and continue with the show
I wish I wasn’t stuck right here, and I could let it go

I wish I’d had the courage, to say what I want to say
I wish I’d told you not to leave, I wish you’d want to stay
I wish I had been more in tune, You’d still be here today
“I wish” is all that’s left inside since I let you walk away

Billy 3/3/14


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