Future’s Lost


You arrive at times in your life, you know, sort of like a station
When you look back and reflect, it’s a form of rumination
Decisions that you made, and the paths you chose to follow
Some that caused fulfillment, whereas others only sorrow

You look back and you learn, searching for that thread
A line of continuation, from this shed you call a head
Searching out the reasons, just looking for that spark
Reasons why you came to this, and didn’t hit your mark

It’s easy to hide and stay safe, never put heart on the line
But that road is just for the lonely, in darkness where love doesn’t shine
I do not regret my decisions, although they have led me to here
I do have some light in my dark place, some memories I’ll always hold dear

Sometimes you look at those memories, look back and smile to yourself
Remembering days that felt special, those days when you weren’t on the shelf
I just hope you look back so fondly, and see me in kindest of light
Although we did not make the future, our time maybe just wasn’t right

Although I am back where I started, those days felt like days on the beach
You showed me that I am still able, you showed me how high I can reach
I hope that i touched you as deeply, you’re still in my heart to this day
I hope that you know I still feel it, and your light still brightens my way

Billy 2/3/14


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