Toilet Humour (you’ve gotta love it!!)


An ordinary trump can raise a smile
A squeaker can make people run a mile
A bottom belch can cause fear of doom
A ninja stealth-fart can clear a room

A good smelly parp can make you hated
Keep dropping those and you’ll never get dated
A clap of the cheeks and a twitch of the snout
And we pick up the scent as it emanates out

The looks of disgust as it spreads round the room
The realisation that 4 walls makes a tomb
Watching those round you all gasping for air
But knowing it’s your brand, you smile and don’t care

The one thing I will say though, try to show flair
Whilst farting and trumping your not always aware
So don’t try to push one out just being clever
Coz if it’s a wet one you’ll wish that you never

Although it’s a cracker and smells just like eggs
It’s not as much fun as it runs down your legs
So next time make sure you don’t try it half-hearted
Or you may find the smell hanging round coz you’ve sharted

Billy 1/12/13


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