The Power Game


Have you ever looked at the power game? To see what really goes on
How politicians and businessmen, are entwined ’til all decency’s gone
The way they divide up your future, set the prices for you just to live
Take all they can take and then come back again ’til there’s nothing for you left to give

You have to love the level of effort they put into the control
The way they don’t miss a detail, in complete control of the whole
Misdirection and downright deceit, the tools to hold us down
The politics of the dictator, unwilling to give up the crown

Blaming it on unwed mothers, and millions of unemployed
Because keeping society burning, keeps the riot police deployed
An illusion of ruling the streets, to keep us behind our locked doors
Whilst all the while building empires to milk the proles of some more

And yet we just sit back and take it, we can’t see the wood for the trees
They tell us their facts and we soak it all up whilst they’re pushing us down to our knees
No matter the noble intentions, of the newest to join in their game
We may as well face it we’re pretty much fucked as they all seem to turn out the same

Billy 30/11/13Image


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