The pain inside

It must be hard, being frightened to feel
Keeping your emotions behind bars of steel
Remembering how that sweet heart of gold
Was broken so badly, then left in the cold

The beautiful glint I should see in your eye
Replaced by a tear that refuses to dry
The pain that you carry, a cloud on your soul
Engulfing your spirit and dividing the whole

I picture your journey, a single white dove
Flying alone, looking down from above
Watching life passing, while knowing inside
That you should be involved, not along for the ride

I wish I was able to show you the way
Take you into my arms, your fears to allay
Be the one to break through, who helps you to shine
Let you see that your fears are the same fears as mine

Well who knows, one day you may see I am right
You might look in my eyes and remember that light
Though not everyone fits like a hand in a glove
You will always have hope if you know you can love


Billy 18/12/13


4 thoughts on “The pain inside

  1. You, sir, are brilliant with rhymes, genius even! 😀

    I’m sorry for rummaging your blog up to its last page but your works are incredible, dear sir. 🙂

    1. Thank you, you are too kind, I only opened the blog yesterday at the request of a friend to put my poems up, I have been torturing my friends on Facebook for 7 months with these things 😀

  2. Oh only yesterday? Well I’m glad I came across your blog and will definitely tune in for more of your works, dear sir. 🙂

    Uh-oh haha But these are no torture, sir. A satisfying treat for the mind, more likely. ;D

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