Reaching ‘that’ place

I was trying to work out what makes an obsession
What gives us that need to push on at one thing?
We all have something that we want to improve at
For some it’s a sport, art, desire to sing

Whatever your subject, your chosen domain
there’s a primal connection, they call it “the zone”
It’s a state of achieving a bond with your soul
It’s a state that transcends the skin and the bone 

For me it was football, I could feel every kick
I could feel every sinew as I practiced my art
But I knew that the physical part of my game 
meant nothing without also having the heart

You get into a place where it seems you’re alone
It’s a place where the world doesn’t count anymore
Like a spider on a web, feeling out all around
Senses taut like the web as I rule from the core

Successful or not, losing won’t kill that love
Results are just numbers, a transient state
It’s all about the moment and just being there
It’s that feeling of being in control of your fate.

Billy 27/12/13


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