My own personal ‘Dark Side’


I’m trying so hard not to touch the dark
Feeling my way through this forest of thoughts
Stumbling from tree to tree by the rough feel of bark
Not even pretending I’m calling the shots

Feeling the shadows and knowing their course
That absorption in primal so hard to resist
Where violence lives with no soulful remorse
With Ego subdued by the Id’s moral fist

Society’s lines, drawn in chalk to my rain
Washed away to the depths where they no longer mark
Yet another attempt to escape from the pain
To reject life as lamb, and return to the shark

Reeling back from the light and emotions unjust
Feel adrenalin surge as you reach ‘fight or flight’
Knowing fight is your choice to appease Nature’s lust
All the while knowing fully, this just isn’t right

It’s the rising above that I need to engage
Get in touch with the me that I seem to have lost
Try to look for the love and turn back from the rage
Just remember the soul that submitting could cost

Billy 20/5/14


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