Middle Age

Do I look as though I’m balding? Coz my heads a little cold
and what’s happened to my belly? It never used to fold 
Has someone pinched one of my lungs? I’m always out of breath
And when did we move to the arctic? I’m gonna catch my death

Has someone broken the mirror? My face don’t seem to fit
And what’s this on my chest? I’m a bloke? but it feels like a tit
Whats with all the grunting? when I’m trying to stand up?
And when did I start to get pissed off when someone used “my cup” 

While were on this subject, when did my hair get grey? 
and when did footy move to TV? from the pitch where I used to play
When did my arms get too short? for me to focus on a book
And when did I start having to guess? instead of taking a closer look

Iv’e come to a realisation, it’s come as a bit of a shock
I’m nothing like the bloke, who used to put on my socks
I’m nothing like that agile young man i was 20 years ago
I wonder what I’ll be like in another 20 or so ????


Billy 4/11/13


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