Crossing walls and building bridges


I know that you’re hurting, and I know I don’t always understand

I know that means you push, it’s the reason you won’t take my hand
I know I could probably walk away, and you would expect no less
But what I am trying to show you, is that not everyone’s like the rest

I know you have your reasons. for walking your path alone
Not wishing to look anyone in the eye, in case they see the stone
Not wanting those people who matter in life, to cross the walls you build
Not willing to bare your heart, or the sadness with which it is filled

My fear is the time that is wasting, this time should be spent moving on
Making use of what’s past to move forward again, the time for pain has gone
Allowing yourself to smile and laugh, or walk with a bounce in your stride
Healing your hurts with a view to the future and raising you’re sweet face with pride

I can only hope fate comes a calling, and helps guide you back to the light
Allows you to smile in the sunlight, not leave you to cry in the night
Here’s hoping that Karma’s soft hand, lifts you up to the place you should be
Then maybe you’ll see you through my eyes, and see the beautiful person I see

Billy 11/12/13


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